What you need to know about Backlinks

What are backlinks?

These are also been reffered to as external backlinks. A banklink is a link which is created when an external website links to your site.
Backlinks are the booster to you website SEO.


Why Backlinks are important for SEO?

The popularity of a site is determined by the number of backlinks it has. And also the number of backlinks shows the importance of the website. SO it is easy to rank higher in search engines using backlinks thank linking to authority site. Thats why Backlinks are so importnat for SEO.

What to Avoid Doing When Trying to Index Backlinks?

  • Buy a mass link package from Fiverr. You will just loss your money and end up penalized by google.
  • Sit around and wait for them to get indexed.
  • Build backlinks on noindex platforms.

What are the rule for quality backlinks?

  • Keep you links relevant Google bases “relevancy”on the general content “theme” of the linking domain, the content on the linking page and the relevancy of the backlinks hitting the domain. so don't just go out there and live links to random site, that won't help to skyrocket your SEO.
  • Avoid site with bot traffic and opt for real websites with real traffic. Its easy and tempting to leave your links in those spammy sites filled with bot traffic but trust me the right way is always hard but its rewards are amazing. Links from real website with higher authority are hard to find but also the most rewarding.
  • Focus on site with high standards. try to avoid sites with or related to any scam or sites which link to any scam website

How to Index your Backlinks?

Using Social Signals

Social signals will not only help index your links, but they will also improve their trust as well. Just go to PBN Butler and order social signals.

Ping Your New Backlinks

use these services such as 24/7 Pinger, Ping Farm, Free Mass Ping Unlimited Websites or Blogs or RSS on BulkPing.com and Backlink Mass Ping | SEO Tools to ping your site. use one of these websites to ping your links.

Use Web 2.0s

  • The first step is create a new web 2.0
  • create a new blog post.
  • Paste no more 10 of your backlink URLs and use naked link anchor text.
  • Create a new post for every 10
  • The next thing you should do is write a brief introduction. No more than a sentence or two
  • Publish the post and wait. he post should index within a day or two.
  • Once you have verified the indexation, remove the links from the web 2.0

Tie one Backlinks to avoid

  • Irrelevant content
  • By backlinks on public networks
  • Bying DoFollow bog Comments
  • Buying Sidebar, Footer Backlinks
  • avoid automated link building tools on tier one.