Afrisight is an international market research company with consumer and B2B panels all over Africa. There is no one who can better advise companies on products except the daily users of the products. International businesses venturing into African countries can learn about the prevailing market conditions and potential of their services or products from locals like you and me.

The Afrisight Panels have thousands of panelists in Africa, men and women of all the ages, all over the continent.

As a member of the Afrisight Panel, you regularly receive invitation to take part in surveys. You can answer the surveys when and where it suits you, on your mobile, at home, work or on-the-go.

Earn Cash while making your voice HEARD with Paid Online Surveys

By taking part in our Afrisight surveys, your opinion and expertise is valued and will have an impact on the development of new products and services. Companies, universities, and organizations rely on your feedback. This is your opportunity to make a difference, simply by sharing your opinion in our paid surveys. There are endless benefits to taking our paid online surveys – from influencing your favorite brands to being the first to comment on and test new products before they are released to the general public.
We want you to earn REWARDS from our paid online surveys. The reward can be cash, airtime, data, shopping vouchers, and prize draws among others. These rewards can be redeemed as cash, airtime or shopping vouchers.
For B2B or Industry specific research, those who take part are entitled to a report of research results.



Complete the simple form above and click “Sign up now”. It’s easy like that


Go to your mailbox and click on the “Activate your membership now” button in the e-mail we sent you; answer a few questions to confirm your registration.

3. Share your Opinion

Congratulations, welcome tot he Afrisight community. Start answering paid online surveys immediately and earn your rewards.

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