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CPAlead.com is a CPA program which will help you to earn from every lead you generate from your traffic. As we all know CPA means Cost Per Action that mean you will be paid when the visitor from your link performs an action which can be submiting an email, downloadning and installing an App, to submit a pin e.t.c. there so many action which you can be paid for.

CPAlead | Leading CPA Network

Review of CPAlead tools which you can use to earn more than $20 Per day

Using Banner Ads: 

This are Ads which contains different offer and you can place them on you website or blog. I like this tool because its very easy to set and it attracts more visitors to engage with the ads. Some of the banner ads which performs well are such as  
  1. Banner Ad: which is a normal ad with titles, description and pictures of different offers. this is best placed on the side bar of your blog or below you blog posts. Example of Banner Ad
  2. Custom Ad: I like to use the Custom Ad because it gives you the flexibility to customize the ads. This will help you to make sure the Ads blend well with your template hence increasing you click though rate.
  3. Pop Under Ad:  We all know that pop under ads are the most converting type of ads but the problem is the visitors and web browsers tend not to enjoy this type of Ads but when you set it properly and make sure it does not affext the user experience in your site you can earn alot from Pop under Ads.
  4. Interstitial Ad: Comparing with the Pop Under Ads I prefer Interstitial Ads because they only appear when the user clicks a link in your site before they are directed to the link the ad will appear with a button to the page they wanted to go. So no tabs or windows will be opened.
  5. Pushup Ad: This appears as a notification prompting the user to view the ad. you will earn when the user clicks to view the ad. 

Using Offer Wall:

This is a page full of offers. This feature will enable you to choose a template for you will use to display you offer and the offers are geo targeted, that means the visitor will see offers based on there geo location.