We all know that refreshing adsense ads is against adsense program policy but there is a way which you can still refresh adsense ads without violating the program policies and its totally safe and recommended by adsense.

What are auto refresh ads?

These are ads which usually refresh under a certain condition where by some of the condition for these ads to refresh are such as:
  • Action
  • Scroll
  • Time
so when ever a person performs an action on the page such as clicking a button on the page which doesn't make the page to load hence the ads will refresh without reloading the page or the ads can be set to refresh whenever the viewer scroll past the ads this mean when the viewer scrolls down the ads will refresh so when he scrolls up there will be a new ads placed. And the most used condition is the refresh withing a certain period of time and in this article i will show you all the steps to set up auto refresh ads after certain period of time.

How to set auto refresh adsence ads after certain period of time

The adsense program policy allows publishers like me and you to use the Google Ad manager to refresh ads. The Google Ad-manager is not an ad-network put a program which enable the publishers to maximize there ads revenue by using more than one ad network on the same ad unit.
The Ad manager ad units have a feature which allows to refresh ads after a certain period of time where by the minimum time which  the ad can refresh is 30 seconds, so after every 30 or 60 seconds the ads will refresh and Impressions will be counted. I Know thats awesome but before you jump to ad manager and checking the refresh check button you have to know that its a little tricky to setup the auto refresh ads. When you have checked the auto refresh and implemented the ads in your pages the ads tend to show as normal ads they won't refresh until you tweak the code a little bit to make them to refresh.

How to implement auto refresh adsense ads in you page easily

In order to implement this functionality, you'll need to generate an asynchronous Google admanager publisher tag (GPT tag)  and apply some modifications. The sample implementation shown below will request a new ad from the ad server every 60 seconds. The part of the code you'll need to modify is highlighted. Insert the following code before for these you have to access your site source codes page where you can edit the HTML and search for then insert the following codes.
<script>var googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []};</script>
<script async src="//"></script>
googletag.cmd.push(function() {
  var REFRESH_KEY = 'refresh';
  var REFRESH_VALUE = 'true';
  // This slot is allowed to refresh, as it contains the targeting keys which have
  // been declared for refresh.
  googletag.defineSlot('1234/sports', [300, 600], 'div-1').
  // Number of seconds to wait after the slot becomes viewable.

  googletag.pubads().addEventListener('impressionViewable', function(event) {
    var slot = event.slot;
    if (slot.getTargeting(REFRESH_KEY).indexOf(REFRESH_VALUE) > -1) {
      setTimeout(function() {

After you have Inserted the code don't forget to edit the highlighted parts especially googletag.defineSlot('1234/sports', [300, 600], 'div-1'). To properly edit this part is to copy the entire line as it is in your Ad unit code which you generated ealier and past it without changing anything These next step, Paste the below code on the body of you page where you want your auto refresh ads to appear then change the highlighted parts of the code.
<div id="div-1">
    googletag.cmd.push(function() {googletag.display('div-1');});
Make sure the div-1 matches the one in your ad unit code you created from the Google ad manager.
After that the ads will start to refresh after a short period of time. but remember not to set the time interval less than 30 seconds as that is the recommended minimum refresh interval by ad-sense and the ad unit should have more than one line iteme so that it can have more option to refresh to but if there is only on creative to show on that ad unit you may not notice the refresh some times because the same ads can be show as a new refresh which is not bad but if you want to see how it work create atleast three creative which shows on that ad unit from ad manager.
Enjoy an increase in ads Impressions and increase in revenue. if you face any difficult please leave me a comment and I will respond instantly.