Is Google AdSense still profitable to use in Blogger (Blogspot)

Is Google AdSense still profitable to use in Blogger (Blogspot)
I have been explained what it takes to earn money with AdSense but can you also make enough money to make a living with adsense? In other words, can you depend 100% on AdSense earning for all your life expenses?

The answer is NO. But the reason is not that you cannot earn thousands of dollars per month with AdSense and make a good living, but because you cannot rely on a single source of income. Ihave write a nice ebook on 103 ways you can use to make money online

The online world is more dynamic than the offline World and you cannot assume that you will always have thousands of people visiting your website and clicking on Ads and you cannot assume that AdSense will exist forever.

Maybe it will, but you cannot base your income on it. Diversifying your risks and spreading your revenues is always the best practice either online or offline.

What should you do to earn more money together with adsense?

The following are other alternatives which you can use to make more money together with Adsense because using Adsense only will not make you enough money and you never know when you will get burned from the network. So, lets get to the other alternative sources of income as a blogger.

Use Affiliate Marketing to make more money.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular (not to mention quickest) ways to make money from your website or blog.

Start by finding a product you like and would recommend. Then on your website, you endorse the product and promote it to your website visitors and email subscribers. If the product or service resonates with these people, they’ll click on your affiliate link, purchasing the product (while you get a split of the sale price).

The commission might be anywhere from 30% of the product or service price, up to as high as 70%. For example, if the split is 50% and you promote an e-book that costs $100, you’ll get $50 for simply referring the buyer. Pretty sweet deal, huh?!

Affiliate marketing can become a veritable cash cow if capitalized upon ethically. One is required to promote the products of merchants or entrepreneurs and bag a handsome commission on each sale made at an attractive 20-70% depending upon the financial strength of the merchant. Superior quality products with strong brand presence, credibility and potential to deliver what is promised should be vigorously promoted through blogs, writing high quality articles, building a massive email list, participating in discussions on serious forums and writing product reviews. Low quality products should never be promoted through spamming and illegal blackhat techniques or one will face serious loss of reputation with fatal repercussions.

The easiest ways to go with affiliate marketing is to join affiliate programs which do offer a vast number of products which you can promote on your page. Among the best Affiliate marketing programs I have Joined and used them to earn lot of money are Admittad and CPALead this are the among the best I have used in my blogs.

Selling ad spaces

Upon first thinking about it, the idea of selling advertising on a website or blog with limited traffic seems a bit daft. After all, aren’t most advertisers interested in putting their product in front of the highest number of eyeballs possible? Approaching them with piddly visitor numbers seems like a surefire way to end up in the deleted folder. But though it may feel like putting the cart before the horse, there are many good reasons and ways to sell ad space on low-traffic websites. What you need to always keep in mind is that, while advertisers are drawn to high traffic numbers, they desire something else even more: high conversion rates. There are plenty of success stories of websites that have limited traffic but sell a ton of advertising. These websites succeed because they do one thing well: they deliver the right type of customer to the right type of business.
You can sell space in your website and make $1,500/mo. I'd only place 3-4 ad banners per page.

To make this money you should have 5-10 clients or less if they are willing to pay for more than one banner. Good price is $100-300/mo for a big banner in header or sidebar. This price is based on a high quality blog with 1000-10000 visitors a day depends on the industry.

Start using Adsense Alternative

There are many other ad-networks out there which you can use together with Adsense and Increase you blog earnings. Here are some of the Ad-Networks which you can use together with Adsense:

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is one of the largest monetization networks in the world today, helping more than 200,000 online publishers in 128 countries earn money from their unused ad space. Their native and contextual ads work perfectly with all ad solutions and don’t interfere with the user’s experience! From effective contextual and video ads to engaging display ads – Infolinks’ highly customizable products will guarantee you make the most out of your traffic.

Their platform is very simple to integrate into your site, and is open to any publisher, big or small, with no setup fees, no minimum traffic requirements for page views or visitors and no hidden commitments. Infolinks advertisers are selected based on quality, that’s why they work with worldwide leading brands such as Facebook, Amazon, eBay, Ali Express, Pizza Hut, TripAdvisor, Hyundai and many more. Sign up here to create your account or check out our Infolinks review for more info.

2. PropellerAds Media

They have 200,000 locales in their system, with more than 4,700 active advertisement campaigns and 8,700 million leads simply a month ago.
You should realize that Propeller Ads is a CPM advertisement network, it will pay you for every 1,000 impressions you create.

Much the same as Google AdSense, you will create income dependent on real impressions. Distributors get paid higher rates for higher quality traffic at Propeller Ads.

Also, advertisers give more value to mobile users as compared with the pc or laptop users. In the event, if you are driving very applicable and high-conversion traffic, the interest for your stock increments.

The benefit of picking Propeller Ads is that it shows the most significant advertisements that pay the most ideal rates.

The rates will differ on a few factors as made mentioned below, however, they are the most elevated possible in the business:
  • Location
  • Ad unit
  • Type of device
  • Type of website
  • A respective performance metric of the advertiser
  • And much more!
So if you’re struggling to monetize traffic from countries like India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa, etc. Propeller has a big ad inventory for them too. Sign up as a Publisher with Propeller Ads here.

They do have high CPM rate more than adsense for some regions which adsense has very low CPM rates.

3. Adsterra

Adsterra is a great advertising network for publishers with great CPMs and a lot of different ad formats for both mobile and desktop traffic around the world. They pay on a NET15 basis via wire transfer, Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney, ePayments, etc.

Adsterra has updated its minimum payment requirements and you can withdraw your money once you go over $5 USD, which is pretty convenient for small webmasters.

Their ad formats include many categories like display ads (banners), popunders, direct links, web push notifications, video ads, etc and their platform allows you to filter and select the type the ads you like to run in your site to get the best CPM for your traffic. So far Adsterra has been one of my best alternatives to Adsense and my personal account manager always answers fast with great support via Skype.

So far they’ve paid me on time without problems every single month and it’s a network I’ve known since the end of 2015. Adsterra is getting bigger every year in this advertising space. Sign up and start earning with Adsterra here.


PopCash is another alternative to Google Adsense that has been in business for a long time and usually gives me similar (albeit a bit lower) results as PopAds (see number 5). PopCash has PopUnder ads with a great CPM and good inventory for all countries both for mobile and desktop traffic.

PopCash has minimum traffic rquirements and very low minimum payout thresholds. You can request your payments inside the dashboard and they pay via Paypal, Payza, and Paxum. Money transfers usually take 24-48 hours which isn’t bad at all. Sign up here and get started with PopCash.

Write Paid Reviews

A paid review is like an affiliate marketing post, where you write about a product and people check it out because of your review. ... In my opinion, there is no harm in doing a paid review, but make sure you review only those products that are related to your niche and you have personally used.

Why Would a Service Pay You for Writing Reviews?

It is all part of internet marketing and businesses are willing to pay for the service in order to get their brand, product, or service in front of millions of potential customers.

By getting honest reviews of the products or service in front of millions of potential customers they can have a higher conversion of potential to the actual customer.

Do you want to make money by reviewing apps and websites? UserTesting will pay you $10 per review when you make a 20-minute video. This can be a great opportunity when you prefer to voice words instead of writing your opinion.

You can begin leaving reviews with any device as long as it downloads the necessary recording software and can record you testing the service in real-time.

Companies are willing to pay big bucks to watch people interact with their product and UserTesting can be one of the most lucrative ways to earn money by making reviews.
I have put together a list of some of the better pay for review services that you can earn money from writing reviews.

  • Rateitall.com – This site pays you o write reviews on everything.
  • Slice the Pie –  This site pays you to write reviews on song tracks, fashion, products, and more. Pays weekly.
  • Crowd Tap – This site pays you for your opinion about various brands. They have worked with well-known brands like McDona
  • SponsoredReviews – This site pays bloggers to write reviews.
  • Reviewstream.com – This international site pays you to write reviews for hotels, restaurants, fashion, or electronics as well as many others.
  •  Pinch Me – This site rewards you with free products for sharing your opinion
  • LinkFromBlog – This site links bloggers to advertisers.
  • Matomy SEO – This site helps fortune 500 companies find bloggers who can help drive targeted visitors to their website.
  • Reviewstream.com – This international site pays you to write reviews for hotels, restaurants, fashion, or electronics as well as many others.
  • Blogsvertise – This one assigns a writing assignment with the advertisers’ requests on what product or service is to be talked about in your blog post.
  • Valued Voice – As long you have a social media account, you can earn money with sponsorship opportunities.
As of this very moment, nobody cares about your opinion on the movie / book / play / whatever it is you want to review.

In order to start seeing revenue for that writing, you need to make people value your opinions. That generally means you need to write quite a few of them (at zero profit), publish them to your blog or website (or youtube if you’re doing it via video) for people to consume. If your content is something they find worthwhile, word will spread and you’ll get more and more hits. THEN you can start getting advertizers to your site and start earning revenue.

Tips on Writing Good Reviews

If you wish to make money writing reviews, we have some tips to help you get started.

  • Always be honest, present pros and cons and finish with if you would recommend the product or service to friends and family.
  • If you found the service to be poor or felt the advertiser was misleading then say that in your review. Do not say the product sucks. Give examples of what was wrong.
  • Review products or services you have personally used or tried.
  • Practice writing reviews on products you have purchased from sites before you start applying to services. This will allow you to write a better review, also keep in mind what customers are looking for in a review.
Hope this post has given you an Idea on how you will expand you revenue sources from your blog. Am looking forward to get feedback from you and I will freely help you whenever you need my help just leave a comment and I will instally reply or You can directly shoot me an e-mail using the contact form down at the footer of this blog. Thanks

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