The best CPM ad-network for blogs with quick approval

The best CPM ad-network for blogs with quick approval

Small to medium publishers look for ad networks offering a good CPM rate. When compared with Google AdSense, there are many good ad networks offering better revenue, service, and support.

Finding the perfect AdSense alternative is not an easy task for publishers. However, publishers can try finding ad networks that fit their requirements. If a better CPM rate is your requirement then this list is for you.

Are the CPM Ad Networks Right For You?

Although it is necessary to partner with the ad networks, you need to ensure that they are the right choice for you.

If you’ve decided to partner with CPM ad networks, then let me help you.

How much do CPM ad-network pay?

You know CPM ad networks pay you based on the impressions you deliver. Let’s say you gave them 10,000 impressions and your CPM is $5, then they’ll pay you $50 in total. So, keep an eye on traffic all the time. After all, even the best ad network won’t be able to help you, if your traffic is sinking every day.

You might find CPM ads very appealing, but they work best for bloggers who get a high volume of traffic. If you are driving traffic in the area of thousands of visitors per day, then you can get a good amount of money from CPM ads.

Most CPM networks pay $1 to $10 per one thousand impressions (depending upon various factors).

Here’s a list of CPM ad networks which offer some of the highest payouts in the industry:

For a quick look, these are the listed ad networks:

PropellerAds :

PropellerAds : The best CPM ad-network for blogs with quick approval

    PropellerAds is a perfect solution for bloggers looking to monetize their blog or network of blogs.

    Propeller Ads offer various ad types:

  • PopUnder
  • Native Direct Ads
  • Interstitial mobile ads
  • Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
  • Banner advertising for all standard size
  • Push notification ads 
But before we move along, let’s take a minute to learn some of PropellerAds’ story.

PropellerAds was founded back in 2011 and at first it was known as the largest source of Popunder traffic (which it still is, by the way). But the ad network differs from competitors in its continuous development. After that, the Pop, Interstitial, Push Notification and then Native Ads (widgets) appeared – the latest advertising format.

Now it is one of the largest traffic sources known to almost every affiliate. PropellerAds’ reach is now more than 3 billion ad impressions per day and 350+ million push subscribers from 195 countries (Fall 2019 stats).

The advertising platform works with all popular verticals: finance, forex, e-commerce, mainstream dating, nutra, sweepstakes, betting, games, gambling, cryptocurrency.


Adcash Performance DSP+ is a smart online advertising platform for media buyers, affiliates, ad networks, and publishers worldwide. Advanced in-house optimization technology and 11+ years’ experience provide your business with a performance marketing platform that meets your advertising goals. The platform stands out from its competitors by offering a complete package for advertising and monetization alike! Adcash has a worldwide audience, protects the users from ad fraud and thus provides real traffic while optimizing the campaigns to deliver the best possible results. That way advertisers can reach their audience and get a high ROI while publishers can boost their ad revenue.

Adcash’s smart ad technology and features make your online advertising journey simple, enjoyable and profitable!
  • Easy & efficient Self-Service platform and dedicated Account Managers
  • Over 200m unique users per day
  • Automated campaign optimization does all the hard work for the clients

Key Features:

  • Over 200 million users per day
  • Maximise your site and get high payouts
  • Keep one step ahead with fraud and malware detection
  • A menu of ad formats for more flexibilty and freedom
  • Adblock prevention. Gain revenue instead of making losses
  • Predictive Algorithms. This means the right ad appears at the right time (real-time) automatically
  • 950 thousand lines of code, over 150 developers, efficent and on hand support
  • Advanced ad technology. Creation, optimisation and reporting tools and analytics
  • Dev2Dev support available for app developers looking to monetize with Adcash
  • A choice of 5 pricing models and different payment options to suit you


exoclick: The best CPM ad-network for blogs with quick approval

ExoClick is definitely a name that you’re gonna hear if you wanna start your career in Affiliate Marketing.

ExoClick is a Barcelona-based online advertising company, which provides online advertising services to both advertisers and publishers all over the world via web, mobile, tablet and smart TV. ExoClick's customers include advertisers, advertising agencies, traffic distribution partners and publishers.

ExoClick offers several dynamic tags in order for you to track the data you need for the optimization process inside your tracking system.

The integration? It’s quick and easy!

It’s definitely a network that we’d recommend for beginners to get the right idea about the specificity of the business, and especially those great post data analysis process and logical patterns you need to apply.

How does the network work?

ExoClick Ad network is based on the Exads technology that offers a number of new and advanced Ad options for advertisers to reach their target audience based on its keywords. The technology ensures advertisers that their ads are portrayed to the best audience and publishers gain the most relevant ads on their websites from advertisers. Its referral system pays 5% revenue from the referrals of publishers. Exoclick offers different ad formats to be displayed on publisher’s websites, so as to ensure that these ads somehow gain the attention of millions of target audience. Publishers are able to generate good revenue through  these ad campaigns

Reasons why I prefer Exoclick:

  • The reach of this Ad network is tremendous and is able to attract millions of traffic easily.
  • Its dashboard is highly effective and easy to comprehend. It offers detailed statistics about website, time and demographic location to all the enrolled publishers.
  • Publishers are able to make extra income through their referral system.
  • Its support team helps publishers in all their steps towards generating excellent revenue from their websites.
  • EcoClick is 100% global.

Exoclick payout:

Exoclick pays its publishers based on three different pricing models, namely CPM, CPC and Smart CPM. Through CPC, it pays its publishers for every click on the ad. With CPM it pays for a thousand impressions made. And through Smart CPM, the system chooses the maximum CPM bid that publishers are ready to pay. The prices are bid-driven and are listed in detail in its dashboard. Publishers could check the detailed minimum price listing after registration, as it is available on their user interface.

The network makes payment weekly and pays through different modes such as PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Wire Transfer and Paxum. Minimum payout through these payment options are $20, except for Bank Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1000.


Infolinks: The best CPM ad-network for blogs with quick approval

Infolinks ads are not traditional diplay ads that other networks such as Google AdSense might serve. Rather, the intent of Infolinks ads is to combat the end-user’s banner blindness by introducing less prevalent ad units that are better integrated into the website’s content. Infolinks’ inFrame, inSearch, inTag, and inText units are designed to do just that.

If you are not sure about how Infolinks works, then read on and you will get all the details about this online advertising platform. If you are using Infolinks to monetize your website, then what you have to do is insert links in some of the texts of your content.

Now when any user will visit your site and they will move around the cursor of the mouse over these special texts, then the link will enlarge and an informational window will pop up with the advertisement, making an adview.

So, how do you make money out of it? Simple, you have to generate most number of adviews in order to earn more and more through your sites.

Infolinks vs. Other Ad-network:

Infolinks has been leading the industry for several years and dominates the competition.

They offer 5 different intent-driven ad formats that help both publishers and advertisers monetize their content and campaigns.
  • An advertiser can start with an ad campaign balance of $25
  • The advertiser is given total control over the campaign along with the targeting tools.
  • UUser-friendly dashboard to easily keep track of campaigns and earnings
  • High acceptance rating for publishers

Publisher Requirements:

  • Publisher Terms:
  • Traffic Minimum: None.
  • Publisher Language Requirement: There are no language requirements stated in the Publisher Service Agreement.
  • Prohibited Publisher Content: Content that violates IP rights; pornography; hate-related content; violent content.

Advertisers & Offers

  • Advertising Types: Display, In-Line Text.
  • Offer Types: CPC.
  • Verticals: All.
  • Network Size: Unknown.
  • Sampling of Publishers: Unknown.