The Best and Worst of Amazon Associates in 2020

Amazon associates review 2020

The internet superstore, Amazon, has much in common with the Amazon rainforest.

It's complicated, diverse a little mysterious— and you have to bushwhack your way through at times.

We also know something or two about Amazon, of course. Where else can you buy robots, pet supplies and brand-name clothes, and get a paycheck?

I'm sure you have already bought a lot of different items from this website. Actually, I buy everything on Amazon, from appliances to make-up to prank gifts for friends. Some people here are already purchasing their food!

Surprisingly enough, the business has a love-hate relationship with many affiliate marketers who are part of the Amazon Associates programme.

The purpose of this review of Amazon Associates is to understand the good and bad of the affiliate marketing system by Amazon. No time to mess around. Let's begin by thinking about a major gripe of Amazon Associates.

We'll then get to bushwhacking through the brush to achieve true affiliate success.

Best and Worst of Amazon Associates

It is time to get down to the details.

Why is there this love-hate relationship with Amazon Associates, of which so many advertisers seem to speak?

Why we Love Amazon Associates?

A range of promotional products. At present, 

affiliates can choose from 1.6 million products for sale on the web, with more being added daily to each group. How could you beat this?

Easy to Use. 

Amazon's control panel makes marketing partner goods and keeping track of earnings incredibly easy.

Sign Up Online. 

Beginning as an Amazon Associate is totally free, and takes minutes.

Lots of Links and Display Ads Options. 

Amazon customization is important. Whether you want contextual links banner ads or even interactive widgets, you will be able to choose how advertisements are displayed.

A Trusted Website means Conversion are Better 

Linking the readers to an unknown online store will have less chance of sale than Amazon. Considering that this website is so well known, when making online transactions with Amazon, people generally do not worry about security. Many of your readers will already have Amazon accounts, or even Amazon Prime accounts, and will be programmed to make their order easily when they hit the product page.

Secure for Every Family. 

Although your readers are secure on Amazon as consumers, you're still protected as an Amazon Associate. You can be confident that it will reimburse your earnings.

Why we hate Amazon Associates?

Cookies having short lifetime. 

When a reader clicks on a connection from your site to Amazon, only if they buy the item within that time will you get a fee. This is a significantly shorter time for tracking cookies than provided by most affiliate sites. That said, if the customer adds the item to his cart, then you have 90 days to make a purchase for them.

Industry Standards Lower Commissions. 

That will, of course, depend on the group in which you are. However, if you find that your main product is in a group of low profit, it might be better to find another affiliate programme.

International payouts are very diffucult. 

When you promote products on but purchase from or, and so on, you won't get commissions. 

PayPal Payouts Aren't supported. 

Payments will henceforth be made by direct deposit, check or as an Amazon gift card.

How to Earn the Most of Amazon Associates

What are some ways that this affiliate program can be successful? To make more cash with Amazon Associates, check out these top tips.

Create Quality Reviews 

We do know there are many affiliate marketers who use the Amazon Associates service. So, take the rivalry a step ahead!

If you are able to test the goods in real life, or someone on the marketing team, this gives you the ability to write more in-depth product reviews. You will be able to extract the information and offer exactly what your readers are looking for.

By including media such as video reviews, you can also use the product to boost your content.

Optimize for international traffic (readers)

As described above, every single Amazon site has a different program for Amazon Associates to sign up for.

To make the most of this, start by checking where your readership comes from. Google Analytics does that quickly. Which countries do your readers come from and there's an Amazon Associate programme?

Then, sign up for each of those programs where your readers are!

Once that's done, search for WordPress plugins that will automatically change your Amazon links to match your visitors ' respective Amazon website. For example, one plugin option you can start with is EasyAzon.

Learn to listen to your audience

This is true for any affiliate program but particularly while operating as an Amazon Associate. The audience will tell you more about what they'd like to hear or learn. Make sure the items they want to see or purchase are checked and recommended.

They're more likely to make transactions based on your affiliate links if you give the people what they want.

Learn to adopt to the new amazon associate changes.

Changes made by Amazon to its affiliate program don't mean they're no longer useful as an affiliate platform. Indeed for many affiliate marketers, the Amazon Associates program is still a viable option.

To account for a lower commission rate, many affiliates have made changes to their website to accomplish two goals: 
  1. Improve traffic 
  2. Increase conversion 
While average commissions have led some affiliates to become lax in these areas, Amazon's latest change has reminded others that there is always room for improvement. This has helped them to earn the same amount before the move.

Increase you site traffic.

Quality in a blog is almost always based on how much traffic you get. Seeing that Google is potentially your biggest referrer, it's a good way to start making sure you rank well.

Don't forget, however, that Google takes readers to individual posts, not the website as a whole. So make sure every single post is tailored for the right keywords.

Additionally, check your Google Click-through Rate (CTR). How do you make Google's page more attractive to readers? Further readers will draw in including metadata and enticing description.

How to increase your site or website traffic.

For this to happen there is no magic spell. It calls for work A lot of good tips are already in here. Not sure what more could I say. But here's my bucketful thing: 1) Do your research and get your audience to know what they want to know.

2) Write down the content you want to say, and publish it on your website. It works whether it's an e-commerce website, a blog, or anything else. Keep it up to date and new. Some sites add video, so if you can add video even if the text is to be promoted, do so. (Although it denies doing so, Google loves material posted on its assets, so I'd share and encourage videos on YouTube).

3) Connect with your audience. Seek them out on social media, follow them or friend them and connect with them, both to find out what they want to read or share and to let them know what you have shared. Tell their feelings about what they've read.

4) Promote content, new as well as old. Do not hesitate to do it a couple of times a day, but do not make people worse by throwing together mentions. space them out. Be creative but don't get the reader fooled. Start a Twitter hashtag campaign or find useful current hashtags on Twitter to piggyback, but stop spamming!

7) Use Google Analytics to research the data to see where your traffic comes from, what keywords can carry them to your website, and provide more content that feeds on the need to bring them to you.

8) Consider adding your site as an external link to an eligible Wikipedia topical page, if you cover a specific topic rather than general material. (You can do that by editing a website and inserting an external link to your site URL or page URL.).

I can't offer more suggestions without knowing more about your website and the topic(s) you are addressing. If you really need me to help you, you can contact me using the contact form at the footer of this page or you can leave a comment and I will reply instantly. I hope it helps. These suggestions are pretty basic, but strong.

Increase your sites Conversion rates.

Testing various conversion enhancement methods may take time but it will eventually be worthwhile. Start by making sure all your posts are friendly to the mobile users Attach useful information to your blogs, and offer the material you are searching for to your followers.

Another thing to do when promoting items would be to include social proof. This can be found in honest Amazon reviews. Quote what the real people have been saying after buying this stuff.

Such minor changes can make an enormous difference in can conversion.

How to increase your amazon Conversion rates.

The most innovative way to increase the conversion rate of amazon affiliates is to build and post ads an advertiser.

On may advertising networks like ELeavers, AdsPact and StudAds,.... etc, you may build an advertiser account.

These are the cheapest ad networks which always provide quality traffic to advertisers to their business website or affiliate links.

You can also advertise affiliate links directly from those ad networks if you don't have a website.

The advertisements will be featured on many other niche websites. So you'll get top quality traffic conversion and useful links to your affiliate. You'll also get a lot of sales from your affiliate product and you'll get good affiliate commissions.

You just pay $25 and you are going to earn a lot more than that. Means you're going to gain the highest ROI.

Avoid wasting time and money, then. Only sign up as an advertiser at's cheapest advertising network

Our Conclusion on Amazon Associates Review

We all know Amazon does not go anywhere. So while the Amazon Associates system has its drawbacks, associates using this platform can be assured of fair payouts and a range of promotional products. The trust people have in this platform also ensures affiliates will see higher conversions.

For Amazon Associates, taking advantage of the right tools and methods will bring success to all partner sites, big and small!