How to build relationships with other bloggers

build relationships with other bloggers for backlinks

This often ignored tactic can get thousands of visitors to your blog. Make a list of blogs in your industry. Wide and low.

And find the contact details of those blog members. If you include broad blogs in your collection, consider also the writers and contributors.

It's very important to find certain people's email addresses. Chrome extensions such as Email Hunter can be used.

Once you have found all the information start reaching them out. There are many models for email out there, but most are for exchanging the material with these users. I don't want this to happen to you. Not at the beginning. Your first email may be something like this to those people:

Hi, Alex
Kelvin is my name and I'm a big fan of your blog. I read your recent post on[ article topic] and got confused about[ insert any article-related question].
The article has been truly informative. Just battled the[ same article-related question] and wondering if you could help me out.
Also, there are some really cool posts in your blog and I really wanted to connect and get to know you better.
connecting with great bloggers like you is good. :) Anyway thanks for such awesome posts and I hope you'll keep pumping out great content.
Thank you,
Today, personalisation is the key to successful outreach. The more intimate your email is, the sooner you'll receive a response.

When you think you're going to send people an email with a link to your post, you'll fail.

So hold on to the conversation once you send this email. Support them out with your own unique ways of doing something. When they question you and your site about it, then just discuss it with them. It's because bloggers are smart and they realize why you are getting in touch with them.

They will realize your true intentions even after a good' introduction email' and you will never hear back from them again which is very bad.

Therefore, build relationships rather than sharing your content with these people